The Art of Aziz Kadmiri

Aziz Kadmiri

Aziz’s inspiration comes primarily from his travels through Morocco and Europe. With a dramatic flair and a bold use of color, his imagination produces works of art that transcend any particular genre.

From the mind of this passionate artist comes scenes of surreal landscapes, familiar city skylines and busy city streets, exotic dancers, beautiful silhouettes, finches hidden among the frail branches of trees, white-capped waves, beloved pets, abstract images and more.

There are no boundaries to Aziz’s art.


Capturing The Canine

In 2014, Aziz’s artistic forays opened a new door when he started a series of dog paintings. These works were an instant success with pet owners wanting to have an everlasting reminder of the furry child in their lives. Aziz has a knack for imprinting the animal’s expression onto canvas with accents in bright colors.