Modernist Cityscapes & Landscape Paintings

Contemporary artist Aziz Kadmiri has been fascinated by capturing the vibrant energy and diverse cultures of cityscapes since a trip to Paris at age 19. Since then, he’s become an accomplished artist whose work has been exhibited and collected all over the world. Still, he’s known for, among other subjects, creating beautiful works of art depicting cityscapes.

Capturing the Beauty of Cityscapes

Kadmiri’s cityscape paintings capture the bustling energy and vibrant atmosphere of urban landscapes. They often incorporate recognizable elements and landmarks of specific cities, such as the iconic skyline of Chicago or the winding canals of Venice. Kadmiri’s use of mixed media allows him to build up layers of texture and color, which adds depth and complexity to his cityscapes.

What sets these cityscape paintings apart is their ability to convey a sense of movement and activity, as if the viewer is standing in the midst of the bustling city. The artist achieves this effect through the use of bold brushstrokes, dynamic angles, and vivid colors.

Add to Your Collection

Kadmiri’s cityscape paintings are a celebration of the energy, diversity, and excitement of urban life. If you’re looking to add some unique and beautiful cityscapes to your collection, look no further than the works of Aziz Kadmiri. Feel free to browse the selection below or contact Kadmiri for more information.